POLORAMA is an ongoing project that combines the eerie sounds and words of Banda, a popular yet controversial music genre in Mexico that has its roots in Central Europe, with a wild mixture of Polish pop tunes, including Disco-Polo!

Through a series of collaborations with musicians and enthusiasts, Polorama brings together an improbable colection of sounds from Mexico and Poland.


DJ Jarek performing during a pop-up presentation on the promenade in Ustka, Poland.


Agnieszka and Marcin adding vocals to “Pochowajcie mnie jak śpiewam”. Słupsk, Poland.
Original music by Marcin Gałązka. Vocals: Agnieszka Siepietowska. Lyrics inspired on “Que me entierren con lan banda”, translated from the Spanish and adapted into Polish.


Małgorzata Burjan performing her own rendition of “Pochowajcie mnie jak śpiewam”.


Thanks to all the people that have participated in Polorama:
Małgorzata Burjan, Agnieszka Siepietowska, Jarosław Kasperek, Marcin Gałązka, Konrad Frankowski, Agnieszka Pokrywka, Tymon Tymański, Izabela Kramarczuk, Monika Konieczna, Piotr Czarny, Lukasz Breda.
Polorama is an ongoing project that kicked off during a residency at Bałtycka Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej, Ustka, Poland.